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Tianzhu County million environmental shopping bags free of charge to the public

Recently, the reporter in the days of the county's major supermarkets, food markets, squares and other staff-intensive places to see one by one wearing a business administration uniforms to the public free of charge to the public environmental protection shopping bags. This is the county to take the initiative to carry out the "re-release bag, heavy vegetables basket, love the environment from my start" as the theme of free environmental shopping bags activities, strongly called the general public do not, less plastic bags to reduce energy waste And environmental pollution.

It is understood that the activities of the public for a total of more than 10,000 environmental shopping bags, the county vigorously promote the "plastic limit" remediation action in depth one of the effective initiatives.

Ready to enter the supermarket shopping residents Qian Chunwu handbag has received the reporter said: "For our city cleaner, more green, more civilized; for our living environment more beautiful, more livable, more harmonious, so that We act together to start from their own, from now on, advocate and drive the masses, heavy carry bags, re - vegetables basket, no plastic bags, to build our beautiful county Tim add a force!

At the same time, the county industrial and commercial, housing construction, urban management and other relevant law enforcement departments will follow-up work, based on "product quality law" "commodity retail sales of plastic shopping bags paid management approach" and other relevant provisions of the county administrative region illegal production , Sales, the use of ultra-thin or unqualified plastic shopping bags to investigate the behavior.

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