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Use environmentally friendly shopping bags for low-carbon packaging for the future

In order to promote low-carbon life, the new concept of environmental protection shopping, and further efforts to create a civilized city, June 2, Heping District Xinxing Street to carry out the theme of "the use of environmentally friendly shopping bags, low-carbon packaging future" activities.

Activities, community staff, volunteers for the residents of the area free of charge to the recycling of environmentally friendly shopping bags, to the masses of people to promote environmental knowledge, promote low-carbon life, from the root of the EFA, to combat the production of white pollution sources. For the community to promote a low-carbon life to create a strong atmosphere of public opinion, but also the use of the opportunity to distribute environmental protection bags to residents to introduce energy-saving solar energy tips to mobilize community residents from the energy saving and recovery of old things to change their life details. The total of more than 1,000 environmental protection bags, and further enhance everyone's environmental awareness, residents said that through such activities, so that they understand how to start from the little things around, will live low-carbon up.

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